Employee Culture Blueprint

The basis for a values -centric culture is the Values Blueprint. The Values Blueprint provides the foundation for hiring, rewarding, recognizing and managing the performance of people.

We think it is important to share the People Solutions Values Blueprint with you. It is an example of what we create for our clients. We want you to know about our values so that you will know what to expect from us and what we expect from each other.

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Talent Acquisition

Although the right skill set may seem like the most important factor in whether a candidate is a good fit, the truth is that skills can be acquired, but personalities cannot. Let us help map out your talent acquisition road map.

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Retention and Succession

Pressuring employees to work harder is, at best, a band-aid to an immediate problem. It’s not a long-term solution that will benefit your company. Learning what motivates each employee and how to provide that motivation is more complicated but will result in employees who will readily give their all to helping the company succeed.

Your company’s infra-structure may be functional but is it effective? Creating and using repeatable processes, reviewing why things are done in a certain way, and listening to your employees can improve your company’s and employees’ output.

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We Are Passionate About People

People Solutions was founded in 2004 to provide talent acquisition services to healthcare companies. Eventually, we expanded into the pharmaceutical industry. Although start-up and small companies were our primary clients it wasn’t the common factor with all of our clients… it’s that most of our clients need HR expertise, regardless of size.

After more than 10 years in business, we are pleased to have a list of clients in a variety of industries and look forward to helping even more. Basically, our goal is to provide management teams and business owners with workable solutions and hands-on assistance with your employees and legal compliance through outsourced human resources solutions.

Human resources is a field that requires constant education and the ability to manage change. Every year more state and Federal employment laws are introduced. Human resources professionals must understand, implement, and explain these laws to ensure compliance and to understand the latest best practices. Networking with other professionals, continuing education in our fields, being an active member of relevant associations, and obtaining and maintaining professional certifications are methods our staff has used to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Let us know how we can use our knowledge to help you and your company.